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    The Data Viz Hub is the home for the Data Visualization for Development community to share resources and ideas to improve how we use data visualization in international development and social good projects around the world.

    Connecting data viz enthusiasts

    Because there is power in communities

    From the blog to the listserv, we aim to create a space for data viz enthusiasts to connect and share.

    Sharing resources on viz design

    To design visualizations that create changes

    The web is teeming with data viz design tools, blogs, and recommendations, but sometimes you want to hear from someone who has used the tool (particularly in a low resource setting). We seek to share real-world experiences so our community can make informed decisions around the tools and approaches they use.

    Buzzing about new ideas

    To inspire new innovations in how we share information

    Some of the best innovations and creative thinking come out of resource constrained environments. We want to share ideas from the best and the brightest in the development community, with an emphasis on hearing from our colleagues working in the field, not just HQ.

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    Development workers share unique challenges when creating visualizations, from internet bandwidth for interacting with dashboards in low resource settings to tailoring graphs and charts for use by populations with limited numeric literacy.


    Our community was conceived by an evaluator and communicator who realized there wasn’t a group that brought international development experts from their different domains together in a meaningful way to talk about and share resources on how to translate data tables into intriguing, useful visualizations.


    Today, our community has more than 870 data viz enthusiasts from 60+ countries around the world.

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    Talking about tools, ideas, resources, and questions about data visualization for a global audience.

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  • Favorite Resources

    An incomplete list of favorite tools and resources, particularly if you're just starting to build your data visualization skills. Each of these sites, books, or tools is a recognized go-to in this community. This list is a great place to start for ideas and inspiration, but there are hundreds of other great resources out there.


    If you have an awesome recommendation to add, email us!


    Where to see the best (and worst) data visualizations

    Building your skills

    Recommended reading to learn about visualization design


    Better Presentations // Jon Schwabish

    Data + Design (free ebook) // Various authors

    Good Charts // Harvard Business Review

    The Truthful Art // Alberto Cairo

    The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics // Donna Wong



    Ann K. Emery

    DIY Data Design

    Evergreen Data

    The Functional Art

    Lea Pica

    Policy Viz

    Storytelling with Data


    Design tools for basic visualizations, social share graphics, dashboards and more

    Basic Charts & Graphs (links to templates and formatting guides)

    Data Viz 101 (free chart design guide) // Visage + HubSpot

    Excel How-to's from Storytelling with Data

    Excel Tutorial Videos from Ann Emery


    Infographics & Social Share Graphics





    Google Data Studio




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    Have a great example of a visual report, infographic, dashboard, or other visual product from your global health or development project? A question you want to pose to the community? We'd love your contributions!

    Community Manager

    Amanda Makulec, MPH

    Amanda is passionate finding creative ways to help teams use data for social good. She is the community manager for the Hub, and was one of the three co-founders of the Data Viz for Development community. Currently, Amanda works at John Snow Inc. as a Visual Analytics Advisor & Team Lead, and has led data visualization design projects and workshops in more than a dozen countries.

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