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Event: Using Data Visualizations to Make Routine Health Information Meaningful

Hosted by the Routine Health Information Network

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Starting Tuesday, March 28, RHINO is hosting a moderated discussion on the use of data visualization in routine health information systems.

From the Routine Health Information Network (RHINO) at

"Information design is both a technical skill and an art form. To design great visualizations requires a diverse range of skill sets and a keen ability to understand the decisions to be made, the data available, the tools and platforms available for visualization design, and how to apply design best practices to create effective visualizations that communicate clearly. Even the most robust routine health information systems face challenges around how to visualize data in a way that facilitates decision-making by key stakeholders.

During this RHINO forum, we’ll discuss critical considerations in visualizing routine health data, examples of effective data dashboards and decision support systems, and opportunities for innovation around information design in RHIS looking forward. Our discussion will explore data visualization within RHIS through human, technology, organizational, and design lenses, rather than focusing on data dashboards alone.

The forum will kick off on Tuesday, March 28 with a webinar, and will be facilitated in the RHINO Forum from March 28-April 7. Signing up for the forum is easy, and the forum conversations are open to anyone. To sign up, please register here."

The forum is a great opportunity to connect with developers, designers, M&E specialists, and program staff around the world on dashboard design and ideas for linking data viz with routine data.

Photo credit Robin Hammond, courtesy of John Snow Inc.

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