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New Qualitative Chart Chooser Tool

The struggle to be more visual in reports and powerpoints sharing qualitative data is real (and something I hear often from colleagues and collaborators). If you're one of those folks, check out the Qualitative Chart Chooser tool unveiled at AEA's Evaluation 2016 conference, and now posted on the Evergreen Data website

Today, when someone talks about data visualization, it's not just charts, graphs, and web-based designs, but also bringing in graphic design, frameworks, and other visual explainers that help people make sense of information. I always come back to the HBR Good Charts matrix as a snapshot of the wide world of what we call data visualization nowadays.

Thinking about how to visualize qualitative data is where learning more from the graphic design side of data visualization can be really helpful. On the Qual Chart Chooser, the Evergreen Data team diagrams a number of different ways to visually represent data and themes. Things like using icons (and color) to represent a theme throughout a report...

Or degree of alignment with a goal...

Thoughts? Would love to hear more of your ideas, or see examples of great qualitative visualization / report design. Plus, the Evergreen Data team is actively seeking feedback and ideas, so it's a great time to take a peek.

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