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Sample Data Viz Style Guide

The Sunlight Foundation has released their data viz style guide for developing consistent graphs and charts, piquing my interest on how common this kind of guidance is for global health and development organizations.

I'd love to hear from any if you who have these kinds of guides for their orgs / projects, and what your experience has been with putting them to use across a team. Given the various skill levels most project teams have, some may find it easier than others to implement these kinds of recommendations (which require deviating from the standard Excel defaults).

If you have a data viz style guide that your team follows, what helped you in implementing it?Pre-built Excel templates (like these examples from Storytelling with Data)? Basic data viz design trainings?

If you don't have a style guide like this, thoughts on if it would be helpful / useful, or perhaps that it would be too limiting / hard to enforce?

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